Privacy Policy

Amber Crow collects non-personal data about web browsers that view ads on Publisher web sites and visit Advertiser web sites.

The data collected includes information on the end user's operating system, date and time of delivery of a specific ad or web page. As part of the data collection mechanism Amber Crow makes use of cookies stored in the end user's browser. The cookies contain small pieces of text data including a unique, but non-personal, identifier of the end user's browser. Every end user is able to opt-out of this data collection by disabling cookies in general, or for Amber Crow domains specifically (

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In some cases Amber Crow receives additional data about web page visits from Advertisers. This data is collected from the end user under an agreement between the end user and the Advertiser. Any data that can be viewed as personal identifiers (such as name, phone number, email-address etc) is cryptographically anonymized before being transferred from the Advertiser to Amber Crow in a manner that makes it impossible for Amber Crow to decipher the information.